Highlighted Work

Lafayette Escadrille 

This is a personal project of a World War 1 Airfield located in Northern France. This was inspired by the film FlyBoys.  The film follows the enlistment, training, and combat experiences of a group of young Americans who volunteer to become fighter pilots in the Lafayette Escadrille, the 124th air squadron formed by the French in 1916.   I started with creating Look Dev scene based on a screenshot from the film. This is painted in Substance Painter and rendered in V-Ray for Maya.

Then I proceded to add the assets I created for the Look Dev into Unreal and created a interactive environment. Here’s quick walk through in Unreal of the current level with lots of props, materials and lighting to review.


Audi VR

This series of renders was created in Unreal Engine 4 of a Virtual Reality environment I created for XYZ Creative in San Francisco, CA

Audi VR Experience

A fly cam render in Unreal Engine 4 of a Virtual Reality environment I created for XYZ Creative in San Francisco. I was involved in every aspect for this production from the modeling, texturing and materials to the final assemble in Unreal. I was also involved in the technical direction to the outsource developers for the interactions in Unreal.


Red’s Java House

This is the result of an assignment I gave to a Masters Student class in the fall semester of 2016 at The Academey of Art University. I called it A Slice of Embarcadero. The intent was to encourage the students to use the real world for inspiration and as a resource for their 3D assets. I dedicated a full class to a walk down San Francisco’s Embarcadero to teach them how to gather reference. Not only did we take reference and texture photos; I taught them how to scan for photogramerty captures and how to shoot an HDRI sky dome.

With all of this great reference I gathered I decided to take on the assignment myself after the semester was complete. I loved this little coffee house I photographed just south of the Bay Bridge. It remains unchanged for decades like time stood still for it. My idea was to do a period piece in the early 1970s. Something very loosely based on the film Bullit which portions of where filmed on the Embardcadero.

With my workload being very full for the last year I’ve only been able to work on this in small bits at a time but with the class coming up again this fall I made a big push to complete at least a look development render before the new semester starts.

For the technically aware; this is modeled in Maya, painted in Substance Painter and rendered in Modo. The post production was done in Lightroom and Photoshop with a fog pass in Unreal. The models are a combination of scratch build, model bashing and photogramery scans.


AEye Driverless Car Experience

The concept is how autonomous vehicles will help people travel in the future. But for me it’s much more than that. It’s a merging of two skill sets, one in photography and the other in 3D Rendering. I photographed the figure in the studio and then rendered a car interior in a 3D Modeling program. I composited the two in Photoshop with some of the skills I’ve learned over the last few years while working as a professional photo retoucher. I’ve been trying to merge these two worlds for awhile now and at last I feel it’s finally working.


Nvidia GDC 2022 Forklift

For GDC 2022 I was assigned the task of polishing this forklift model for a demonstration video presented by Jensen. I painted this stock model in Substance Painter and rendered it in Omniverse Create. I actually came up with the name Hercules as well to replace the original branding.